Other Services

This is a very cost-effective alternative to the more traditional auger-boring technique. Only suitable for soft to intermediate geology for distances up to 20-30m with a diameter range of 100 to 160mm. Up-sizing to 300mm using rod-pulling equipment is possible in certain conditions.

Numerous deep jacking pits have been gunited over the years and expertise in this specialist activity are well developed. Guniting is effective for many lateral support applications.

Void filling using various grout mixes is carried out by ourselves using locally manufactured plant. Expertise in this field is considerable and largely based on the many kilometres of pipejack overbreak grouting, carried out over the past 20 years. The company has the equipment to undertake the drilling and infilling of “voided” ground such as dolomite cavities and abandoned mineworkings.

One of the largest sliplining contracts in SA was successfully completed by Jaced Pipelines in 1989. Two lengths of HDPE welded pipe each weighing in excess of 16 tons, were winched into position using equipment locally developed for sliplining. The new HDPE pipe was placed inside an existing concrete sewer pipeline that was in imminent danger of structural failure. Pipes ranging from 100mm diameter up to 1.0m and above may be sliplined.