Who We Are

Over the last twenty years Jacked Pipelines has grown from humble beginnings to being the Leader in Trenchless Technology construction in Southern Africa. Our expertise was further enhanced when in 1998 WK Construction (Pty) Ltd purchased Jacked Pipelines Including it as a division in its large pipeline division. WK Construction is one of the largest independent construction and engineering companies in southern Africa. Established more than four decades ago, this multi-disciplinary company has a proven track record for quality project delivery on time and within budget. WK Construction is committed to safe, timeous, high quality, innovative and cost effective construction. Trenchless technology construction forms an important role in today’s large scale pipeline construction. Giving clients the flexibility to install pipelines with out obstructing surface activities.
The company has extensive experience and a large fleet of specialist machinery to be able to deliver he following services:

Pipe Jacking

Auger Boring

Directional Drilling

Pipe Bursting





Leader in Trenchless Technology construction